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Our young people need guidance because they are at the most complex stage of life which is marred with confusion, peer pressure and often lured into catastrophic decisions that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Jesus is the answer to all these uncertainties, social vices and an ever increasing temptation to engage into flawed and ill-informed experiments.

We strive to give our youths both the spiritual guidance they so desperately need, but we also do youth clinics and workshops that seek to give both moral and professional help in pertinent issues of their upbringing; education, relationships, character building, carreer guidance, emotional management. We have lost a generation of God fearing people in this world, and catching them young is the only way to ensure a different world tomorrow. For the church to salt the earth and change the world, we have to invest more in our young people now than ever, especially in the word of God. The programs for this ministry will always update its Youth For Jesus programs in our calendar.

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