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In December 2017 one of my friends came across an audio clip in which Apostle Chiwenga was rebuking a rally that had taken place in Rufaro stadium. That led us to YouTube where we found a lot of sermons and we started listening to the gospel and were surprised by the boldness in which it was preached. It was three of us who were found by the gospel at the same time and within a couple of weeks four more brethren joined us to make seven. Our first meeting in person was in March 2019 and there was five of us in Dallas.


We reached out to the main church in February 2018 and were instructed to start a whatsapp group which we created on March 25th, 2018, with seven brethren who had been found by the gospel as well. In June the same year we were joined by the Canada brethren who had also believed, and we started fellowship together until October 2020 when we decentralized and each of the assemblies became fully autonomous. We have been steadily  growing  and we now have a total of 36 brethren in the USA. Brethren are scattered across different states in the country but we are more concentrated in Dallas, Texas hence we are able to meet in person. We last met in person for fellowship before the Covid in 2020. We are currently meeting online via FCC.

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Address:  4th floor, 88 Harare St, Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone: Media Department : +263 (242) 753647 +263 779817515

Finance Department : +263 (242) 753647

For Testimonies Call : +263 (242) 753647

For WhatsApp Chat : +263 771 987 322(800) 123-456-7890


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14:00 CAT

10:00 CAT

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