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Canada Assembly – North American Region
Welcome to Canada Assembly – North American Region

The assembly started on an informal basis in June 2018, when two believers started meeting to listen and discuss the sermons together. In July 2018, the two gathered together with 5 other believers whom they discovered had believed the true gospel. This made the initial group of people 7 in total. We also met in July as Canada/USA brethren on teleconferences to study the word. The USA had connected with the main church in Harare and the assembly was thereafter formed as a combined USA/Canada group. In Edmonton is where the majority of the brethren met physically before Covid. We also have brethren scattered in other cities of the country for example, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto and Fort McMurray to name a few.

In October 2020, Canada became a standalone assembly under the North American Region. As of July 2021 we currently have 36 members in our assembly. God has continued to add to his flock. We have grown in the Word as we continuously feed on the word via the following platforms:

  • All Main church services
  • Bible studies on Wednesday and Saturdays
  • Day bible studies on Tues, Thursdays and Fridays
  • Regional Conferences.
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Address:  4th floor, 88 Harare St, Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone: Media Department : +263 (242) 753647 +263 779817515

Finance Department : +263 (242) 753647

For Testimonies Call : +263 (242) 753647

For WhatsApp Chat : +263 771 987 322(800) 123-456-7890


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Mid Week Service:
14:00 CAT

10:00 CAT

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